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Manpreet Singh
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In advertising, gender depictions influence society and gender equality around the world because they can reinforce stereotypes and provide behavioral standards for men and women. Gender role depictions are also crucial creative selections that affect each advertising’s communication aims and the audience’s responses. As such portraits are important in society, several studies looked at gender-role depictions in advertisements in different nations. Because of the impact, they may have on society. A study studied the predictive values of sex-based cultural norms, nation indicators, and product kinds in TV advertising in seven countries for sex-role depictions. The prevalence of the media has led to the notion that advertising plays an important role in shaping and transmitting social values and that several elements influence cultural values, lifestyles, and behaviors in a society. The representation of women in advertising has got a lot of attention over the years. The role of women and ethnic minorities in stereotyping is supported by advertising. Publications reflect that women are not doing significant things, are reliant on men, lack of uniqueness is considered largely by men as sexual objects, are concerned with beauty and maternity, and should be at home. Announcements reflect our beliefs and shape them. Therefore, the representations of the women’s community must be accurate and true. Advertisers should portray and not only be attentive to women in various roles in order to impact purchasing behavior. According to the law, no publicity is allowed, which breaches the constitutional guarantee of all citizens in its portrayal of women, such as equal status, equal opportunities, and dignity of a person. Many advertising is quite reprehensible since it undermines moral and ethical principles. Some publicity is so unseen in the home; its social ideals are undermined, its attention distracted and its youth corrupted.
While there is nothing wrongng in portraying females in the male roles, if it is helping to break the gender steroetypes. But if it is being done just to objectifying them, then it has to be stopped.