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Manpreet Singh
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The COVID-19 pandemic this year has decades of equal treatment for women, and the figures are very shocking. Even before the epidemic was in full economic parity, far more women companies were closed this year than males. Women accounted for 90% of officials who lost their positions in December 2020. Domestic violence against women has surged in most countries throughout the world. In recent decades, much work has been done to make the way we live more equitable because the burden of caring is disproportionately shared by women. The contribution of women innovators, designers, and artists has benefitted companies all around the world. But evidence shows that the intellectual property system is used by fewer women than men. The gender gap is of importance for many reasons; probably most of all because equality between women and men is a human right, and because we are better able to contribute to innovation and creativity when women and girls are empowered. The motors for human advancement are innovation and creativity. We mean innovation, new products, or new methods to do things and creativity, for example in songs, books, images, cinemas, and other emerging media, we mean new forms of artistic expression as portrayed. Innovative and creative females and males have revolutionized our planet by means of their imagination since the beginning of time. And today, new innovations and artistic forms are making an extraordinary transformation of our life. Today’s products are the result of years of study, development, testing, and creation. They are all inventions of the human mind. It is thus supporting innovation and creativity is in all our interests. This is the goal of the system of intellectual property (IP). There are many various sorts of IP rights, such as inventions, designs, and creative works. Generally speaking, they fulfill one of the major purposes: to promote greater invention and creativity by ensuring that inventors and creators may receive fair compensation and live off their labor.