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In marriage women has to sacrifice and compromise on many things because society teaches girls from childhood that they has to make sacrifices and compromise after marriage. Women are always asked to adjust with all the things than men. Their are many Marital Adornments for women after marriage and every religion has different marital adornments. From old times, women has to follow all the marital adornments compulsory after marriage. Their are many Marital Adornments for women like wearing mangalsutra, applying sindoor, wearing bangles, Bindi, Nose ring and many more. In Rajasthan women after marriage used to wear ivory or plastic bangles and madaliya known as mangalsutra, if any married women is not wearing madaliya than it will be consider as widow women. After marriage, Maharashtrian women has to compulsory wear mangalsutra, green bangles and toe ring. In advertising also their are lots of stereotypes towards women. At workplace, many working women has to face difficulties due to wearing lots of bangles which will make her uncomfortable for typing Emails. Due to lots bangles while sleeping the noise of bangles will disturb her and it will be uncomfortable to sleep with lots of bangles. Their are many working women has to do household chores and take care of the family due to which it gets difficult for women to get use to with marital adornments. Society will not think of women difficulties they will always make them to follow the traditions. Atleast they should reduce the bangles quantity to wear due to which it will some where help women to manage the household chores and at work life. It will also get benefit her to have good sleep by wearing less bangles. Marital adornments are compulsory but on other side, we should understand women who faces difficulties with it. Society should have concern for women before forcing her to do adornments they should keep minimum marital adornments for women.