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Women are underrepresented in our country when it comes to decision making people need to basically understand that decision you will never find women on the table when there are any serious decisions are taking place in Indian culture because men are the breadwinners for the family they are only allowed to make the decision even if they are wrong they don’t even bother to ask women what she think or what’s her opinion, they don’t give damn to women’s opinions which is not the right way the are also a part of the family and are mature enough to make a decision and speak in family matters, even if some women try to speak they are told that you should not interrupt and you only have right to make food and look after other decisions and thing we will handle. Earlier women are not that smart and educated they not have an understanding of right or wrong but now women are becoming educated and they don’t want to see families suffer. Women are breaking stereotypes assuring to making sure they put their point in front of people men are making things clear. Some women are very clear that they should take decisions for themselves. Because some women decide they have come forward in life. Male have ego problems they don’t like it if a female try to argue or likes to question their decisions. women need to stop agree with males when they are because some men make decisions only in their favor. Decision-making is allowed to everyone.