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There are many people in our society who are against of inter-community marriage due to having mindset from old times that both men and women are not allowed to marry outside their community. Society think that they should get marry with the person having same community. In our society parents will see two things in groom or bride their community and profession. From old times, we all know that people are against of inter-community marriage they don’t accept the marriage at all and parents used to finish their relationship with their daughter or son for going against them to do inter-community marriage. In villages also people are strictly against the inter-community marriage and they used to beat and do murder of couples who does inter-community marriage. People of villages used to throughout them from particular village because they think if these people will stay her than it will get bad impact on their children. In many tv shows like crime petrol and savddhan india they used to show such cases of villages due to which we can see that how badly they were treated. But now-a-days people in urban areas are some where start accepting inter-community marriage. Because both men and women are been independent due to which some parents are accepting inter-community marriage. Their are many actor and actress who has done inter-community marriage like Karenna Kapoor and saif ail khan, Ritesh deshmukh and Genelia D’Souza and many more. This shows that society some where are trying to accept inter-community marriage. In today’s generation their are people who has mindset against inter-community marriage they also taunts and create obstacles for couples to show other people to not follow their foot steps. In inter-community marriage it is not esay for women because they has to be comfortable with the groom’s family and after marriage lots of things get change for women. Society should start changing their mindset according to the generation.