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Semantee Chattopadhyay
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Promoting colourism completely shunning consent and so much more- a lot of the popular music we hear these days please such a big part in the deep-rooted message of me and patriarchy. The mainstream hip hop and pop scene in India has made it a point to butt its nose in places where it really and truly doesn’t belong. They are living in a parallel universe and need to stop what they are doing. They should stop thinking women are gold diggers and they only run after men for luxury items and money. Showering women with material objects like diamonds and luxury items is a way for them to further their complexes with masculinity. What makes them think that women can’t afford these kinds of stuff for themselves? What they should be working for is equal pay, mutual pleasure, sharing household responsibilities and basic respect. The music industry needs to stop fetishising women’s bodies. Talking about their bodies and fetishising them is not as romantic as one thinks. It is kind of creepy! By doing this not only are artists validating others bodies and creating an ideal but also have put themselves in a position where they can claim ownership of our bodies. Objectification is not okay! They should stop villainizing their previous partners. We live in a society where the ‘jilted lover’ trope has gone on long enough. By villainizing a woman for rejecting you, you are taking away the power of autonomy and decision-making. It makes a woman the subject of ridicule, abuse and revenge. They should stop furthering the stereotypes. From the lyrics to visuals, most of the songs for the several highly problematic stereotypes. There’s the alpha male, a naughty bad party girl and a demure shy girl who just wants to get married! They should stop creating and healthy stereotypes of what people are like. There are multiple shades to a person and the music industry needs to stop putting everyone in a box.