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Women have suffered gender inequality a lot now it’s time to eradicate the gender inequality from Indian society, gender equality means access to equal opportunity, same behavior, and liberty, treating equally without any gender differences. we can bring this change by teaching a male child to do household work nurturing the value household chores are not only for females but for everyone. This will form a habit in them. We can vote for women if they are sending in elections or starting any campaigns, if we see any abuse on women as a part of society, we should support her encourage them to fight for justice. We can help women so they can gain power very few countries have their females in lead. Encourage her to show up as a strong and bold opinionated person, this will be equality towards both male-female both. If we see women are not getting an opportunity at the workplace because they are female will not able to handle pressure changing this mindset making women get the opportunity. Provide equal wages or fight for giving equal earning to both without any biases. Companies need to hire the same number of men and women in companies and the banking sector this will help to promote gender equality. Promoting gender-neutral behavior in the classroom. Creating awareness in women, by making women known what policies did UN has made for them. if gender equality started showing up in our country it will be a big achievement for our country. For those men who need to drop their male ego sometimes, women need stop acting as the weaker sex in society and start fighting for equality and even the LGBTQ community needs to do the same as women. I hope we will see this positive change in next few years and can give our future generation country where all gender is treated with equality.