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Period poverty is becoming major problem in our society because women are not aware of menstrual hygiene and menstrual education they are not using sanitary pads which lead to their health problems. Woman Should get aware of menstrual education due to which they will atleast get knowledge about menstrual health. For women’s menstrual hygiene their should be availability of free sanitary pads. Because there are women who can’t afford sanitary pads and it is necessary to provide free sanitary pads for women. To stop period poverty it will be great step towards it, by providing free sanitary pads. It is natural thing that every women goes through, it should be normalise in our society to talk about menstrual problems freely. In villages many women are not aware of sanitary pads and don’t have knowledge about menstrual hygiene or menstrual education. They use cloth or ash instead of sanitary pads due to which It gets affect their vaginal area with infections like dermatitis, urinary tract infection (UTIs). In rural areas the cases of menstrual problems are increasing day by day because of not having proper knowledge about menstrual hygiene. Their should be campaigns and organizations of menstrual education and menstrual hygiene for women in rural areas. So that they will take care of their menstrual hygiene and campaigns should also explain the importance of using sanitary pads through which atleast they will starting using sanitary pads instead of cloth. And in villages also their should availability of free sanitary pads due to which women will not think of money for menstrual hygiene. And women will no more get affect from such infections during periods. While travelling also their should be clean and sanitize toilet for women’s menstrual hygiene. Women should not use one pad for a whole day it will get affect their vaginal area they should keep changing their sanitary pad twice or thrice in a day. These solutions will surely help to tackle period poverty in india.