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During the teenage girl’s body goes through a lot of hormonal changes, so the girls see many different changes in their body, some girls are aware of these changes and most girls are not. First girls need to be comfortable with their body type because most of the girls do not embrace how their body looks because many boys and girls in teenage criticize the body type why are too fat or skinny this happens with every teenager in high schools and colleges. Most of the girls don’t have a schedule they there is no exact time of sleeping they keep scrolling Instagram and other apps or keep chatting till midnight. It also affects on girl’s health. Exercise is not only important to be thin but also to look more fit, energetic and to maintain weight. Teenage girls should not do dieting because teenagers are growing age and their body requires all kinds of nutrition and vitamins. also, teenagers avoid eating breakfast, it is most needful their body to have healthy breakfast than a start to a fresh day. Girls need to keep hydrated for running the body at least they should try to have 8 glasses of water a day. most teenagers are always seen glued to the screen because of this our body posture also changes. And causes strain in the spine. If girls are not able to understand their bodily changes then they should visit their doctor and be open to asking your doubts because the doctor does not judge, the doctor will clear your concern and give you the right information. Many of the teenage girls are insecure about their body hairs which are totally normal everyone has. Teenage girls compare themselves a lot with other girls which is not cool. Every girl is beautiful with their own flaws. Teenage girls should be kind to themselves and their bodies.