Yash Tiwari
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In today’s fast-moving world, speaking more than one language has become essential to get ahead in your job and life. Knowing a foreign language can give you a definite edge over others in career opportunities if you are applying for a job that requires knowledge of more than one language. Everyone wants to pursue a career with opportunities that can provide them job satisfaction. This, in turn, will not only bring you great pride and peace of mind but will also impact your overall life satisfaction. As professionals, we are willing to learn any skill to excel and move ahead in our professional life. But still, the popularity of foreign languages as a career option is not that high.

It’s not that hard to learn a foreign language. It requires some time, effort, and passion. By adopting the right strategies you can learn a foreign language effectively with ease and without much struggle. Before studying any language, we must first decide which language to learn. The decision will largely depend on your career objective and the region where you’re interested in establishing a career. e.g. If you wish to become a Journalist then Hindi is one of the most appropriate languages for you to learn and if you are willing to settle down in Europe or America then knowing French is a wonderful choice.

A language is a tool that has multi-purpose uses, which cannot be limited to mere communication. It enables us to be creative in many ways. Language helps us to enrich our minds through cross-cultural exposure. By learning a language you not only get exposed to another culture, but you also become more likable and approachable as a professional. It is a well-known fact that learning a new language involves a lot of hard work and practice. To master the foreign language, you have to be persistent and consistent. You will have to expose yourself to your target languages whether you are at home, on the Internet, or are surrounded by native speakers.

Today’s career in Foreign languages provides a glimpse of the race of people from different nationalities getting prepared to meet the challenges. These peoples from different parts of the world have advanced their careers in many foreign countries where they can easily communicate with each other without any language barrier. So, keeping in mind the popularity of culture in various parts of the world, learning new languages will prove to be a big advantage for job hunters. Foreign languages are known as communication skills, social skills, and a way of fast learning. Many of the job opportunities are available in foreign languages especially when they are spoken in many countries. The countries where you can get a job easily after your language proficiency certification are Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.