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Gayatri Somvanshi
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We all know how women are expected to juggle between home and work and also she is always thought to think of others first before her. Due to this women often neglects her health which later leads to severe health issues. Many women just focus on work and home and often put others first and in this process her own health is left behind. We need to give a gentle reminder to all the women that their health is more important than anything and they should take care of it. There needs to be a requirement of spreading awareness regarding the women’s health issue as we know especially after 30s & 40s our backache and many other problems start to emerge. We need to focus on these problems. Today due to the growing medical and pharmaceutical industry there are many supplements and drinks and many eating materials , tonics available but make sure to take it as per expert’s advice. When we talk about health, the first factor which comes to mind is food. If your intake is healthy and wholesome than half of the problem is taken care of. Make sure whatever you are eating is nutritious. Try to focus on more wholesome, natural , unrefined food. Avoid skipping meals as we all must have noticed how we see women are skipping meals especially those fasts which are kept every week, full moons, new moons etc . Also avoid those diets for weight loss if they are not expert advice. Try to avoid junk food though they are tasty. Have fresh food. If you are fasting try to have fruits, milk, juices.
When we talk about health, water is an essential element. We need to have at least 10 cups of water daily. Water is the solution for every problem. Make sure you keep your body hydrated especially during periods. Period care is must and keep your pubic area clean and dry. Make sure you change your pads after every six hours. It’s okay to have oubic hair and avoid shaving those hair because they are meant for protection. Also exercise is important. You should at least walk for 30 minutes a day. Most important is to stay happy and have a proper rest . You should at least sleep 8 hours at night.