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In today’s world, there are many people who want to learn foreign languages but they don’t feel to have career in this field because they don’t get deeper research about the career opportunities by learning foreign languages. And many of them don’t get that perfect source to learn foreign language maybe due to not aware of websites or proper apps of professionalism for learning. There are many apps and websites to learn different languages and many women prefer apps to learn like duolingo, memrise, babble, hello talk, etc. Women can also learn by doing course and this foreign language course are available on many websites like udemy, internshala, coursera, etc. Foreign languages that are high in demand like Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese, Korean. There are many career opportunities by learning foreign languages like Translator, Interpreter, international sales marketing, brand specialists like google, apple having foreign clients and many more job options. By learning foreign languages it will also give you opportunity to work with tour and travel companies because by having sharp communication skills of different languages will help them to have great marketing like, if any German person wants to travel india with travel guidance than due to knowing German language it will be esay to convince them to hire you and it will benefit to your company. And it will also add plus point to your resume which will help you get foreign work trips for business purpose to get the deal crack because of getting opportunities to foreign trips you will also get to chill at weekends and can enjoy by exploring different places. People who have passion to learn foreign languages they should do proper research and make career In this field it will definitely give you lots of opportunities the only think you should believe in yourself and hardwork to have successful career in this field.