Shumaila Siddiqui
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Well housewives have no career other than household chores, they get fed up doing all these for so long without any due. Their basic needs are fulfilled by depending on others, furthermore she doesn’t have her own Independence on money. Sometimes some girls are talented and hardworking towards their career, but they end up getting married and marriage creates an obstacle for their career. But we have taught all our that if you want to achieve something don’t give up! Never ever. Women are now blessed to get the opportunity to restart or start the career they wanted to make whenever they desire to have one. Online courses have paved a way to their careers to shine without even stepping out of their home as well as to make a mark in their careers.
Top 20 best online courses for housewives are listed below:
1. Digital Marketing Courses-
If women is looking to grow her business on digital platform than this course is a brilliant choice to grow your business through learning digital marketing skills.
2. Computer Courses-
• Learning MS Word, Excel, MS Office and PowerPoint.
• Typing courses
• Desktop publishing course
• Animation course
• Tally course
3. Foreign language courses-
This will help you to learn different languages and work as a translator on various platforms available online. Broadcast journalist is another choice to opt for after this course.
4. Teaching Courses-
• TEFL/TESOL(Teaching English as a foreign language) This will make you master in English language with every tiny nuisance related to language. A profession perfect for housewives to teach English online to students across the globe.
• Teaching various subjects to primary school kids through online platforms and jumpstart your career.
5. Content Writing Courses- This is in great demand nowadays, and also many women’s are great at writing content, and even they are not skilled they can learn and start writing content and earn in great numbers.
6. Freelancing- Many women have revamped their career through freelancing, an opportunity to be your own boss and run a business.
7. Cooking Courses- Can make your YouTube channels run a cooking show and earn money, surely looks exciting and fun as a housewife.
8. Web Designing Courses
9. Child Psychology Courses
10. Jewelry Designing Courses
11. Social Media Manager
12. Dance Courses
13. Entrepreneurship Courses
14. Art and Craft Courses
15. Interior Designing Courses
16. Fashion Designing Courses
17. Graphic Design Courses
18. Makeup and Hairstyling Courses
19. Yoga Instruction
20. Pilates trainer
21. Mehndi/Bridal henna courses