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Health is wealth we often hear this everywhere but do we have to question ourselves how much care of our health and body we take also pandemic is taught us that nothing is more important in life than our health, if we stay healthy, we will not fall in the trap of infections. Women need to take special and healthy sweat is very necessary. The next thing is taking care of menstrual health women and girls need to change their sanitary napkins after every 6 hours because if they don’t do this there is the threat of getting a vaginal infection. Health checkup is very important at least twice in a year woman need to go for the heath check-ups or screen, it does not matter you are fit because it will help to show that if there is any problem in our body or we are good. Adopting a healthy lifestyle nowadays we can see everyone sleeps after eleven getting enough sleep is very important for women because our body needs rest and our body reacts if it is tired we complain that our back is paining or we always have headache and body ache it is a sign that something wrong with our health and body, maintaining certain weight for body is very important. Breast cancer is a very common infection in most women, it is important that women should go for breast screening and check everything is fine with the doctor. Very important women and girls need to stop asking DR google because everything on google is not applicable to your health concerns it will make you more anxious and create stress on your mind according to reports most women do this and get wrong treatment which very dangerous to their health. Health is asset women should start living healthy and fit because it has many benefits.