Yash Tiwari
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Nowadays, I think that more and more women are interested in computer programming. There are a lot of famous self-taught programmers who happen to be female. Girls usually like to go into fields in which they can make a real difference, such as law, medicine, and education. Coding offers the possibility of solving problems that help people on an individual basis, which is extremely satisfying. Recently the big picture of women in STEM has been getting some long-overdue attention. The world is suddenly realizing that we’re not making as much progress as we’d like to make in this area. While women receive the majority of all undergraduate and advanced degrees, they are still an underrepresented minority in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields.

Coding is a great skill for girls. It makes them more employable and shows them more career options. Coding gives the ability to see things with logic and think analytically. Coding helps one become a better problem solver. Girls love to play around with computers so why not teach them how to code? Girls should learn computer code at a young age, as it is a vital skill that may help them in the future. Girls need to begin learning to code in high school and continue this skill into college so they can find a job and support themselves.

Most girls know that computer coding is one of the fastest-growing and highest-demand careers in the world. Girls who know how to code stand a much better chance against boys applying for jobs in high-tech industries, such as video gaming or robotics. Many female IT entrepreneurs have made programming a huge part of their success story. Over the past couple of years, there have been a plethora of studies that show that incorporating computer programming into K-12 curricula can help middle-school students improve in a range of educational topics, from mathematics to writing to creative thinking.

The last decade has seen a meteoric rise in the demand for computer programmers with coding skills. Software developers are earning vast salaries and there is much potential for promotion up the career ladder. Although this has contributed to a growth in coding education opportunities, women remain underrepresented. In 2016, only 9% of professional developers were female, according to Stack Overflow. Understandably, many girls ask questions about why they should learn to code at all. Coding is something that we should teach to our kids at primary and secondary school ages. Coding is not just about building websites or mobile apps. The real purpose of coding is to develop problem-solving skills, as stated above by Alex. Coding helps you think logically which is essential especially for children.