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Manpreet Singh
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How has computer studies changed in the last three decades and is gender representation getting closer? Physical hurdles to coding have evaporated to start with some positive news. In the 1980s, when mainframe computers were still needed for sufficient processing power, we suddenly had cellphones in our palms. The manner in which coding is taught has changed, for the better. Coding allows girls to achieve academic achievement and solve problems. Girls who learn to code can boost their education in a number of disciplines like arithmetic, writing, and creativity.
In 2020, the vast majority of the developers are men, accounting for 91.5% of all respondents, according to a global software developer poll. Only 8 percent of all responses were female developers, reflecting the masculine reality of software development. Coding job opportunities are also improving the financial conditions of women. For a computer programmer or coder, the national average wage is 12 lakh per year. However, you have the ability to make a larger salary after you specialize in a certain coding sector. Salary expectations vary depending on where you work and years of experience. It can b of great advantage for girls living in a slum in India, who can break gender stereotypes by learning how to code and develop mobile applications.