Gayatri Somvanshi
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Well fortunately due to digital and virtual education expanding widely the education and skill courses can be obtained by anyone , anywhere and at any time. And the most good thing is that these courses have helped people, especially housewives, to have a strong earning source. So let’s look at top 20 courses which you can do from by sitting at home.
1] Digital marketing course:- one of the most trending course currently is digital marketing course. We see there are so many digital marketer jobs out there and if we can do those jobs and get paid with reasonable money by helping the brand to create a strong online presence.
2] Social media marketing:- So we all know how social media has become a one any only almost or most frequent source of reaching and connecting more and more people so all brands majority make use of social media or you can say they practically rely on social media for sales but for that they need someone strategic and thus here social media marketers come into action.
3] Computer courses: We all see how programming language ,MS- excel and so many programming skills and coding skills are in demand and are basically strong requirements for the companies nowadays.
4] Content writing courses:- We all know there has been a huge demand of freelance content writer because people are in need of potential writers who would attract more customers and also who could convey their services in good language as to properly explain their products basics.
5] Foreign language course:- We see how desire for learning different languages has emerged in people’s mind. Also especially its trending for people who want to go to different country to study and want learn native language and here is when you will show your magic.
5] Fitness trainer:- Especially due to covid -19 people have started taking fitness more seriously so they hire Fitness trainer to guide them. Also you can also become fitness influencer on social media and earn through it and guide people. Also we see there are lot of people who also want to gain or loose weight so you can conduct dances and so on meetings and boost yourself and your income to
6] Nutritionists/ dietician:- When we are talking about fitness how fan we forget food. Many people want to have ideal body weight and also maintain it and for this they hire nutritionists and also fitness centres hire nutritionists to help their clients. Also we see how many government organisations are hiring nutritionists too.
7] fashion designing:- Now fashion is something which is having strong grip on everyone’s lifestyle. And hence we all know fashion designing has got huge scope.
8] Interior designing:- when it comes to lifestyle then nowadays people are really spending a lot on interior design of their house. Everyone want themed house for them and want to have good vibe in the houses and hence there has been lot of eeman for this course.
9]Hair and makeup :- Wedding season is there and thus the demand for make up artist as we have lot of trends like pre-wedding and post wedding shoots here and not to forget 7 days Indian weddings
10] cinematography:- Well since we are talking about shoots the this course is apt for those who love shooting vedios and want to capture scenes and also many couples are asking have a vedio of their wedding.
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