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Role models are one who gives inspiration to lots of people to achieve their career goals. And it is necessary to have role models because it makes us to do hardwork by knowing their hardwork behind their success towards career.
Their are many Indian Female Role Models as following:
1.Manya Singh: She is an Femina miss India 2020 runner-up. She is an inspiration to lots of people to dream big and hardwork to achieve their success. If the daughter of auto-rickshaw driver and who work as dishwasher because of financial problems and hardwork just to achieve her dreams. Than it is a great example of role model.
2.Hima Das: She is an first indian athlete to win Gold medal at IAAF world U20 Championship and she has national record in 400 meters with timing of 50.79 sec. She is such a great inspiration for female sportspersons and many women to be confident and hardwork towards their sports career. And it is answer to people who think women are weak than men to make career in sports, that is absolutely wrong because we have great example of female sports role model.
3.Prajakta koli: She is an youtuber who makes her career as influencer at social media named as mostly sane. She was belongs to normal middle class family and she starting making funny videos on social media by doing hardwork for 5 years and now she is an top influencer and working with many actors. She an inspiration for people to believe in their dreams and do hardwork towards their success.
4.Sushmita sen: She is one of the best role model for many women to be strong and independent person. She is miss universe 1994 at the age of 18 because she believe in herself and worked hard to win miss universe.
These were the great example of indian female role models that will inspire women to hardwork and have believe in herself to achieve success in her life.