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In this pandemic situation, women don’t get job opportunities than men. Due to which many women hold less secure jobs than men. It is all because of inequality towards women. Society generally see that if women wants to do job than they has do household chores and taking care of family with their job but when men are go for job they don’t have any kind of responsibility towards family or having restrictions. Due to which women are responsible for the household work and has to manage professional and personal life. Men need to understand that women are not only one to handle all the household chores and taking care of family both men and women should have equal responsibilities towards their family, so that women don’t get burden to manage office work and household chores. If men and women will work together in household chores than women will completely give her focus at her office work. Because, at workplace women aren’t treat equally and manager don’t take any reason from her to completing office work. They don’t even pay equally at workplace because of gender stereotypes and comparing with men at workplace due to which women lose her self-confidence and it gets affected to work. Because their are men who still think that they are always better than women at workplace and women are meant to be housewives and taking care of Child. In this COVID-19 pandemic situation men and women both has work from home due to which men are given priority to work and women are asked to do household chores and look after child. Why? Both should take equal responsibility to do household chores that will be esay for both of them and women can also do her office work at time. In our society men are given priority and women aren’t get support towards her office work with equal opportunity that’s why men hold more secure job than women. And also women aren’t treating equally at workplace than men due to which women are less paid than men.