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Yash Tiwari
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Gender stereotypes have a huge impact on the careers of women, which can prove to be helpful or harmful. Men are made to believe that they are more likely to get high positions and earn more money if compared to women while women are made to believe that they should only be worried about home and family matters. Gender stereotypes are also responsible for making women think that they will not find equal opportunities for growth with men in their careers. People also have other’s perceptions in their minds about what a woman should be like and that is why people are often considered to be stereotyped. There are many types of stereotypes spread all over the globe based on gender, but some of them are common which include women being weak, notwithstanding, sensitive and emotional.

Throughout the world, women are working in their way to achieving their goals. Some of these women have created new paths where they were not earlier. Some others have set examples for people to follow. Hence, all females need to remember that gender is a force that guides them through themselves and forces them to accept or reject certain things. We all know that it is a general fact that we want to conform to the expectations of society. We want to be respected by society; we want our opinions and beliefs to count for something in society because we are deeply aware of the role that society plays in all of our lives.

The issue of gender stereotypes and their negative impact on women’s careers is a highly debatable topic. There are many aspects involved in it and it can be discussed from a large spectrum of topics and angles to find out the true nature of the problem. Furthermore, most of us do not realize that how much we have been part of this problem. When we think of gender stereotypes, the first image that pops up in our minds would be men and women are on different sides of the power gradient. Women are considered subordinate to men. They are supposed to repress and subdue their desires for rights, freedom, justice, equality, etc.

Life is difficult for a woman in a society that suppresses women. A lot of stereotypes prevail and are even instilled into the minds of boys almost as soon as they learn how to talk. The impact these have on women is immense. Women earn significantly less money than men, hold lower positions, are segregated from men, bear more children and on top of it, all face domestic violence from incompetent society members. A society that is so bound by traditions and stereotypical gender roles where a person’s life is decided in a blink of an eye just because of what they are wearing. A society where a woman needs to hide her bra straps and needs to keep herself covered to be considered decent. A society that shames a woman for everything from what she is wearing, how she laughs, or even what she says in public.