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Gayatri Somvanshi
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Many people are homophobic and the think that homosexuality is defect. And when we talk about cultures the hypocrites which actually convey the facts of our culture are actually just giving wrong information out and these are just misogynistic people making things up.
Talking about our Indian culture is very deep and logical. We have a legacy of all the things and facts that even scientists have accepted and a lot of information and ideas which should be propagated.
Now since we are talking about homosexuality , transgender people and so on we all know we hava huge legacy and history of it and traces and strong evidences of these concepts are still very efficiently carved on our historical places and temples and folk tales. We all know in all our scriptures and granthas there is at least one mention of transgender personality.
The first and the foremost and popular example is Ardh Naarinateshwara avtar of lord Shiva and mother Parvati which indicates us the existence of transgender people. We all know how this avtar looks like half Shiva and half Parvati.
Then next comes the other famous story of the birth of king Bhagiratha who brought Ganga maa on this land. It’s a very interesting tale. The father of Bhagirath had two wives but he died early and therefore the kingdom had no heir. That was when both the queens made love with each other and Baghiratha was born.
Now another example is of shikhandi from Mahabharata. We all know Shrikhandi was originally Shrikhandini but as Lord Bhishma had a boon so she to kill him Shikhandini went to receive manhood from
Sthunakarna for one night.
Now in Mahabharata one more transgender form is of Arjuna as kliba as he was cursed by Urvashi that he will be living as transgender for a year which actually turned out to be a boon .
Hence ao far these and more of tales are there who actually have transgender tales .