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Shumaila Siddiqui
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Yes ,I think most of the feminist marriage are just a mirage and not reality. Although, we are leading toward a modern world where actually feminism is being highlighted and promoted, so people are now making feminist marriage possible. However, still there is a low ratio of feminist marriage comparatively to arrange marriage or patriarchal marriage. Feminist marriage is actually a right way to lead a healthy marriage life. Where two individuals are married and want to share their life with each other and there is no question about who will earn, cook and take decisions, They are free individuals want to live their life on their own choices and decisions ,but to have a partner to share. The goal is not to dominate one another but to make each other help to grow in their respective life. Feminist marriage is actually a wonderful initiative that our society should adapt, a change which will break so many patriarchal norms. The marriage which our culture and tradition promotes is just a toxic interwoven web designed for the institution of marriage where the actual meaning of marriage fades away.
Attempting for a world with equal rights and opportunities for all ought to very be the sole feminist pursuit. There in endeavor, we want to inexhaustibly question why people who bear the forcefulness of social system mostly still romanticize wedding, that has for hundreds of years benefited one aspect over the opposite. It’s no surprise that several films that address the difference and unfairness of wedding finish with the lady walking out of her matrimonial home. Similarly, a really feminist world lies in abandoning — not ever-changing — structures to form alternative, additional simply and non-exploitative paradigms that don’t seem to be supported hierarchies as well as exclusions.
High time that feminist marriage should be accepted with open arms in a society.