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anshika agarwal
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There are lot of things every women should know about her body. There is only a body don’t take it lightly. Women should take care of their body to feel better not just for now but for future as well. If a woman take care of herself nicely then whenever she sees herself in the mirror she will feel motivated and amazing. Women should eat whenever they want. If a woman is feeling hungry then she must eat instead of thinking her meal which she has eaten an hour before. Eating more one day than another day is not a big deal. If a woman loves to eat a sandwich once in a week then it’s completely fine. Whatever she is eating in majority time is matter. Being hydrated is very important for our health. Weight gain or weight loose don’t occur ina day so don’t be harsh on your body. Women should drink lots of water to keep them hydrated all the time. Dehydration can cause a lot of problems so it’s better to be hydrated and feel nice. Sleep is an essential element that our body needs. Not getting enough sleep can make our body uncomfortable and lazy so women must have proper sleep. Getting enough can make our body healthier. For body exercise is must. It helps body in being flexible and movable. Enjoy doing exercise and a woman will feel good. Women shouldn’t be worried about their body part’s shape, size or color. All shapes and size are good until they are creating problem and if someone is feeling some problem then they must consult a doctor. Woman shouldn’t compare herself with other women because all body shapes are different. If you are skinner or thicker than another woman then its quite normal. Don’t worry about it and feel bad. Try to feel good in all senses because if a woman feel good she will look good.