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In today’s generation their are many women who want to do job but don’t get support of their family or after marriage women get into more responsibilities and became housewives due to which they leave their career and job but at some point they want to restart their career and be independent. It will happen by learning online courses and getting job opportunities.
Best 20 online courses for housewives:
1.Digital Marketing: By learning this course it will give lot of benefit for housewives because it will not only teach you the strategies about marketing but also teaches you about social media and gives you knowledge in detail.
2.Dance Course: Housewives can spend their time & best earning from teaching dance to kids , adults or even aged people’s , In now times everything is possible in online video call classes
3.Makeup and Hairstyling Course: By learning this course they can start their own business by taking classes or doing makeup of brides.
4.Fashion Designing Course: women can open their own shop or they can design dress and can create and account on social media so that they can also sell online.
5.Cooking course: It will very comfortable work for housewives and they will get to learn different dishes.
6.Computer Course : By learning computer course women get help to know more about gadgets & technology’s , Now a days in every business computer skills & typing speed is mandatory so computer course is best for females.
7.Interior Designing Course: women are the one who decorate the house in all festivals with happiness so it will great while doing this course they has many ideas in their mind and can get great job opportunities.
8.Video Editing: It is one of best for females to know more about editing , video editing help us to create a movie where total salary is around 50k Rupees.
9.Foreign Language : By learning foreign language female’s can get great opportunity in tours & travels company to work as a sales worker , consumers get connected if sales female’s can talk in their language .
10.Web Designing: Web is mandatory now a days for every shops & company , as we compare last 20 years with now , we can get to know that at that time there is not possible for everyone to connect with company by just few click but now it’s possible & every company have their own web , Many new business is opening & every business want their own website so it’s great opportunity for female’s to work
11.Photography and Videography Course: Photo & videography is now a days in trend , From this courses housewives get opportunity to work with big company’s for product shoot or with celebrity for their shoots .
12.Social Media Manager : Every celebrity , influencers…. Have their own social media manager for handle their accounts , salary is based on work & work is based on how big is fan base & followers .
These Courses were the top best courses for housewives and their are more 8 courses as following:
13.Graphic Design Courses
14.Teaching Courses
15.Yoga Instruction
16.Content Writing Courses
17.Child Psychology Courses
18.Jewellery Designing Courses
19.Entrepreneurship Courses
20.Art and Craft Courses
These are all the best courses for housewives to start her career in their interested field.