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In this COVID-19 pandemic situation their are lots of people who lost their job and they are struggling to find some work in this tough times. But working women has to struggle more than men because of the gender inequality towards women. Men are given the priority for job opportunity than women and many companies has removed working women in this pandemic situation. Due to which working women don’t have any source of income to pay bills and to buy necessities for their daily life. Working women means managing both Office and household work which becomes so difficult for women to manage all this alone and in that if they lost their job they feel like depressed because they has responsibilities towards their family. They do overthinking like how will all things get managed due to which it might get affect their mental health. Due to work from home many women don’t have access to do online work. And if some women has access of technology they get lots of disturbance of their kids and worrying about household chores because of which they can’t available to focus on their work. In this situation maid aren’t allowed to come for work due to which working women gets difficulties to manage their office work with all the household chores and taking care of child. In Starting of pandemic situation their was lockdown and many female labour who want to go their villages because they don’t have money to live in city like mumbai, but their was no source of travelling were available according of government orders so many female labour go by walking to reach their villages. And many of female maid were of school and colleges who don’t have job because of pandemic situation all school and colleges are shutdown. Working women has struggle lots of things from family to work in this COVID-19 pandemic situation but they are managing to handle both Office and household work with being patient.