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Gender Stereotype is still their between men and women but society and media always make the highlight of gender stereotypes more towards women and it also affect her self – confidence due to which it will impact on her career. In some Family women are asked to choose their career by keeping in mind that society shouldn’t thing that they want to do jobs like men, why?. Their is no such specific job according to gender and they should not make any comparison between men and women for choosing their career. Before women aren’t getting support for education but in today’s generation their are some people who start supporting women for her education and their are also people who constantly create problems or make comparisons between men and women which may kill her self-confidence. Due to which women has to face consequences in her work. At workplace their are many people who make gender stereotypes during work because their are men who can’t take women achievement so they try to make comparisons with men in between their work and it will lead to lose her focus on work due to overthinking and giving stress to her mind. Women should not get affect from such people rather than she should show her talent and make her mindset to focus on her work. In villages also people don’t support women for their career. They always make gender stereotypes towards women and don’t allow women to do job like men because of their mindset for women that men can go outside do job and women can’t even get opportunity or chance to take step towards career. Society should support women instead of making gender stereotypes towards women. They should see both men and women in equal way with giving them equal opportunity for career and by not making comparison between men and women will help them to focus on their career.