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Apoorva Pathak
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Change is inevitable and to change we have to be capable enough to know new things. Today we are knowing about artificial intelligence, developing technology and web browsers. This pandemic has told us how to adapt ourselves in one more small world i.e internet. How the evolution of the computer took place? how we made a change in our society by excepting this technology?

There different courses coming up for women to learn thing online and develop different web browsers. Internshala, LinkedIn provide opportunities for women and girls to learn web browsing at home. Some of the famous sites which provide courses for web development are Codecademy, Coursary, Udemy, Coursera, Caltech, edX, Khan Academy and many more in less tuition fee.

The best coding concepts are text editing, JavaScript, Python, CSS, Git HTML, Ruby, Node, MongoDB, JS etc. today we need to learn these courses to develop better technology and innovation in this digital world. We all connected to technology in one or another manner and we have advanced these technologies for human use. Blockchain development is the new concept that has enhanced the chain of the internet user. New updates in technology can make things real even if they are very far away. Having virtual video calls has enhanced the health care system, reduced crime rate and quick action, file management, e-governance, e-shopping, e-marketing and many more in these field women have played a very close role.

Today to be connected in this world we need to develop good web developing apps. These courses will provide wings to new generation women and they can take part in these web development and bring out innovative ideas.