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Manpreet Singh
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Since abortion is one of the important aspects, that has control over women’s reproduction rights, hurdles to abortion can threaten women’s way to attain equality. The major discussion should rest on the following conditions-
1) That women want control over their reproductive capacity, and
2) that women want privacy and access to the rights of abortion and availability of abortion to women generally. In the landmark decision of the US Supreme Court called Roe v. Wade, it was held that abortions can only be done if the doctors feel the need due to medical complications. they choose the decision for them. As a result of this, it has left 4/5ths of the US without abortion rights. The fallacy of the decision lies in the fact that Roe never asked for the availability of abortion services. As a result, all interested women were left at the mercy of the system which was not adequate. It also did not give them the entitlement to an abortion which is based on her sole understanding. The liberal solution of Law might provide new rights, but these rights are of no use because they cannot address the old attitudes that are firmly rooted in the society. The problem is grave because the right to abortion can be traced under the constitutional right. It is an important decision and women should have a full saying in the matter. She should decide whether to start a family or not, or she has the right biological conditions for the same. The decision should not be rest solely on the doctors as they cannot truly understand the personal needs. Sure three can be laws to regulate them, but the sole factor should be women themselves. This can solve other problems too such as teenage pregnancies and the bad situation of some underage rape victims. We should come up with something comprehensive to solve this.