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Yash Tiwari
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Gender stereotypes say, sociologists, hover as a shadow over the lives of women and men. For example, isn’t it the case that there are more female nurses than the male? Yes, because girls tend to be better behaved than boys and more receptive to advise from teachers. Such carefully observed differences in behavior lead to differences in choices such as occupations. Feminists say girls are as good as boys in mathematics, same with science. But I see a different picture. Girls are polite and hard-working, so they submit their work neatly on time. Most boys wait for the last-minute rush and then submit what they can get away with. That is what I have observed, anyway.

Feminists argue that the existence of these stereotypes is the main reason why more men study in STEM fields than women. To most people, the answer seems obvious: of course males would be more numerous in science and engineering programs with more men than women. Both genders are culturally conditioned for this – but there’s no way to prove who is right except by looking at reality. The truth, based on lots of research, is that the stereotypes are true. Girls are, indeed, better behaved than boys in school and on average they get better grades. They are also more attentive to teachers and more willing to do what it takes to succeed in the classroom. And they’re better at reading human emotions.

It is not that men do not have any creativity but they may be biased in doing the work since they are fond of sciences. Males are somehow also more confident in doing things than females. Even though women also take up science, males still hold the majority as compared to females in this subject. Even with the several types of research that have been conducted, it hasn’t been proven until now that women are better in the sciences. Research giving indisputable evidence shows that men are better in this subject matter than women but not to the point to argue that men are superior to women. Women have distinct ways of contributing to research and inventing products.

Science has universal importance. In a society that advances daily, the role and importance of science are enhanced daily. It has been said that if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. Now, let’s consider the situation with science. Let’s say I’m a physicist and I’m working on a dark matter detector. In my search to find more information about this dark matter, I stumble upon an article talking about how women are underrepresented in science. It may be an interesting news article from the perspective of a person who works in a lab and has nothing to do with their research, but it doesn’t improve the performance of the detector’s results. Women make up half the world’s population but in science, they are still a minority. Even though it can be said that men and women want equal rights, in areas such as physics and mathematics women are still less significant than men.