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Apoorva Pathak
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It is true that our society still not consider women more or equally potential to the male society. She is discriminated against based on her physical, mental, emotional, social fitness. They are paid less in jobs and even this pandemic has made it more worse as it hit more women in society, more women are now unemployed than men and if they are having jobs she is not getting equal pay.
They don’t have the security of pay in their jobs, no maternal leave and payment during pre and post-pregnancy. Women who are single parent and bread earner have to take care of their family facing more challenges. In this pandemic, more than 25 per cent who are self-employed have lost their jobs.
To support women finically their labour code bill have been introduced in which it has the provision of equal pay to both genders in government as well as private sectors. Government can provide different incentives to uplift the women society such as, direct income support for women, child benefit transfer for vulnerable women, supporting women who are owning their own business, quality child care services to working women, support women who are engaged in the informal sector, providing free ration in the name of women head of the family. There are different provision even in constitution of India which protect women from discrimination during her working hours.
There are many stricks and movement related to labour in which their demand is equal pay for equal work. This discrimination is a social evil that has been started since the industrial revolution but still this not abolished. Women are forced to do more work than male member and still paid less.
India rank 112th out of 153 countries in the gender pay index which is published annually by the world economic forum.