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Not true, it is not true that women are better at humanities and men are better at sciences. Although, yes, our society has divided professions for men and women and have stolen their right to choose what they like, i think this divide has created a superstition that women can do better at humanities whereas men could go towards science.
In today’s world, I’ve crossed paths with a lot of boys who have been choosing Humanities and are excelling with their choice of subjects also, I’ve come-by women who’ve been practicing sciences with a keen interest and success. Hence, it would be unfair to label any subject to any gender.
Steve jobs is one example of men who’re successful even after studying humanities. He is the co-founder of world’s leading company, APPLE. A man from a humanities background touching skies lifted the bar of great divide between humanities to women and sciences to men. He proved the world that no subject could come in the way of success.
Kalpana Chawla, we all know her as the first indian woman to go into the space, belonged to a science background where she learned all about science.
There exists a number of exemplary men and women who’ve broken the myth about gender divide between subjects. Subjects have nothing to go with the gender, everyone has their own interests and it would be better if they would learn what they’re actually interested in without being interrupted by the superstitions created by the society.