Shumaila Siddiqui
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Computer coding is a sector, in which men have overpowered women with a large margin. Only 18% of women are in tech- centric world .Hence, we require more girls in this field and to make them learn coding.
There are many reasons why a girl must learn to code such as:
1. There are so many things of women which are printed or produce in apps and products.
They are the highest buyers of these apps and products globally.
Only 5% of women creates the tech start-up. When the women designer is missing from the start-up and computer science, we loose a chance of having perspective, opinions and skills of women.
2. Women and men coders are surprisingly paid equally. Yes, we heard it right! It’s a golden opportunity to decrease the pay gap ratio by having more girls coders.
3. Women are surrounded by a bunch of responsibilities, so they need a flexible job to manage their schedule efficiently. Tech companies mostly provide flexible work hours and women can take programming career to maintain a balance in their life.
4. Girls should learn to code at an early age as young girls can grasp technology rapidly and able to find solutions in future very easily. Also, they will manage failure better and can make themselves better with time.
5. Coding enhances logical reasoning and critical thinking as it teaches making hard task into easy ones. Girls are often taught to be nice and well-mannered rather to do something challenging by society , girls can break the norms by learning coding.
Girls can look at the female coders journey and aspire to become coders. We should make them understand that It’s challenging but not impossible and if boys can u can do too.
Finding a coding company that aligns with the aim to promote women coders and have a future endeavors, This will inspire and help young girls to learn code.