Get Inspired, Be Empowered Forums Access to Healthcare Reproductive Health & Rights Does our country have an effective system in place to address teenage pregnancies? Reply To: Does our country have an effective system in place to address teenage pregnancies?

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No, the society we live in runs in a vicious cycle of judgement, people here often make things worse for the people who’ve been suffering rather than helping them out.
The number of teenage pregnancies has increased alot by today, the reason may be rape, or underage sex teenage pregnancies have been increased by the year and our government have no ways to handle that.
First of all almost no one wants to become a mother in her teens, so people should start understanding that it’s not at all her choice to choose the life she have.
Studies say that over 11.8 teenage women across the country were found to be mothers or pregnant by the age of 15-19, the reason of it might be child marriage, rape, or underage sex.
Yes, the country need to end the practice of teenage pregnancy, and i think it would be possible only and only if everyone be it boys or girls would be taught sex education in their teen years, if they’d know the consequences or ill effects of teenage pregnancy and would be well educated about the topic, more half of the problem would come to an end, teenage pregnancy involves a lot of risk, having a child while you itself are living your childhood years is depressing, it also has serious complications to mothers life and also the baby’s life. People need to address the need to end this practice. Also, the society should stop demonizing a woman for what she’s suffering through and need to be protective and supportive enough.