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Gayatri Somvanshi
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PERIOD! Whenever this word is mentioned , one thing women always remember is pain and irritation and discomfort. We blood sisters who are sometimes so done with this aunt flow who even bring along pimples, cold, stomach cramps and mood swings and craving along with her. But let’s talk about alternatives.
Now fortunately I am a lucky girl as I don’t have period cramps 😆
But still my aunts and friends and sisters are going through a lot of pain and literally to the extent that they are not even sane and let’s not forget the pain of girl’s who have PCOD and PCOS.
The first thing we need to do is take a rest.I know that all of us are busy and it’s not possible as we all have work and we don’t have the luxury of period leaves but still we should not go hard on ourselves. We need to not always endure it . If we are at home, drink warm water and heat your abdomen or whatever part is painful.
Then you can take fennel water which is very simple to make. We just need to boil fennel seeds in water.
Try to do light exercises meant to ease pain or simply some positions meant for pain reduction.
If still it’s not working and you just can’t take it anymore just go for a doctor prescribed painkiller.
If you’re having ample of mood swings just sleep or have your favourite food and fav drama. You can have chocolates in your bag or hot tea or any beverage.
Next thing is hygiene . Keep your pubic clean and dry. And keep toilet clean and dry. Clean panties are mandatory now we even have panties specially customised for periods. Also change your pads , tampons after every 6 hours. If you are using menstrual cup make sure your are sterilising it and if you are our make sure you empty it and wash it with clean water. If you are using pad try to go for biodegradable pads which are particularly rash free and always have period kit with yoir incase of emergency. Do record your period dates and if u feel down pull on your blankets and sleep.