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Apoorva Pathak
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In this pandemic one thing, human learned that technology and digitalization can make things easier for them. This technology evolution is really important so that everyone can enjoy their rights. Today quality education also includes quality digitalization. As all our work now performs through this technology only. Digital opportunity is very important for both male and female. We have seen that there is a digital gender divide which means that girls are getting less opportunity to spend time online than boys. They deprived of studying, online playing, health and wellbeing, leisure.
Digital product and technologies should be design in such as way that girl can avail the opportunity to it without any hesitation as they are many security threats to them such as stalking, harassment etc.
As technology and innovation will be the future for the upcoming generation there should be enhancement of gender equality as well as promoting inclusive society motto. Only 27 per cent of women are using the phone for internet versus 57 per cent boys this instability to be decreased.
Building an infrastructure where there are no loopholes the digital divide is much greater in rural areas than urban area so there should be campaigned for digital learning. This digital revolution will bring out or improve women socially as well as economically. This advancement of digital technology will make work easier for women as it will help them to excess thing from home, they can now look after their family too, they don’t have to stand in a long line they just get things from just a click, bank detail etc become very easy to handle.
Hope in this 21st century we will be able to make the technology which will encourage all and no one will be behind in this society. We will all contribute to this society and make it a better place to live in.