Manpreet Singh
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It is not some hidden fact that during the present pandemic crises, women frontline workers have played a very critical role in arresting the covid-19 wave and making sure that most of the lives were saved. They have played an important role while doing nursing and other front-line worker duties. But sadly, their due is not paid as they as hardly represented and praised about their roles. Women have proved time and again that they have some great brains and they can perform medical jobs very efficiently. In most of the NEET exams, that is held every year, it is not uncommon to see a girl topper. Then why we are not seeing more women in the leadership role related to the medical sector?
The problem lies in the fact that we still have patriarchal roots and they show their ugly presence in the workplace sector too. Women still have to face gender barriers and they have to struggle a lot in order to reach the top spot of the job. The male ego comes in their way. Male leaders are just not ready to leave their position, from where they have a lot of power advantage and no one wants to give up this privilege very easily. Despite the passing of the landmark judgment Vishakha vs State, giving instructions regarding the improvement of the workplace environment, and making it safer for the women, we still have not implemented them in spirit.
We must realize the fact that we have a lot of unique talent in the form of the women workforce and we cannot afford to waste this talent at any cost. With their empathy and sense of care, women leaders in the medical sector can bring some revolutionary change as they understand the problem much better. So it is time that we make them leaders.