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Manpreet Singh
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Labor force advancement and work systems development are basic to assisting young women in lifting themselves and their families out of poverty. Albeit young adult women entering the labor force to help their families monetarily, and more noteworthy independence that may accompany work. Subsequently, protected and proper work openings can fortify their financial status while improving social assistance and future occupation possibilities. Despite the huge benefits of investing in vocational opportunities for girls, the global pandemic crisis has created serious challenges in the employment department. According to an ILO 2012 report, global women unemployment has risen dramatically since 2007 and mid-term projections indicate little or no improvement in the next few years. The macroeconomic conditions have created a create particular challenges for young girls, who experience greater rates of unemployment in nearly every region of the world.
The solution for this can be by creating employment opportunities in the vocational sector for women. The good thing about vocational training is that it does not demand much skill from the participant and one can gain a huge amount of skills in no time. The time is very ripe for vocational training as we have a largely unorganized sector of the labor force, and with proper governmental policies, we can organize it and it will explode opportunities for women in the job sector, making them more independent. We will be solving two problems at once by making vocational training more accessible for women. One they will get skills and a matching job, second, they will be detached from the patriarchal setup, which is the root cause of most of the problems for a woman.
So it is very very important that the government should do something about opening more vocational training opportunities for women so that they can utilize the booming opportunity in that sector.