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Nowadays women are exceptional they are very courageous and outspoken, fight for justice, and empower also there very inspiring women who have done the best work in the field and try their best to make a change in society.
Kiran bedi: she was the first Indian women who joined the Indian police service, she tried to bring various reforms and she was the first to put the idea that women can also be in police and serve the world and we are seeing women in the police it is possible only because of her.
Sushma Swaraj: she was recognized as the most strong and opinionated woman of Indian politics, she has taught that women can also have a position in Indian politics and she earned a lot of dignity and respect from people. She was the youngest cabinet minister at age of 25 also she went to the position of minister of external affairs and every woman need to learn from her. We can also call her the tigress of Indian politics.
Gulabi gang: the gulabi gang showed us how women can come together to fight for justice, they are on a mission to end the abuse of women, and it is really inspiring.
Also savitri bai phule , malala yusafzai , mary kom, Geeta phogat, babita phogat etc. there are lot more women who are true inspiration for all. Indian women are changing and growing day by day and making their position in the world.