Semantee Chattopadhyay
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Coding means “the process of assigning a code to something for classification or identification”. It also means the process or activity of writing computer programs. Coding is something that is transforming the world around us yet it’s still this abstract idea for many people. To fill the gender gap, that girls and women must acquire coding skills. Assuming that we started with 50- 50 students taking STEM by the time we get to mid-level career represent only 7% of the workforce. Coding at its core is a language. It’s not easy to learn but it’s incredible opportunities. It can be applied in really creative ways. Learning to code not only opens one’s eyes to numerous businesses but also incredible inventions. Coding is a new form of literacy but numerous girls and women are not exposed to that. Historically girls have been self-selected out and there’s not enough access to education for many girls. In numerous places all over the world, there is no stream called computer science in schools. Women learning to code can help build a nation’s economy. When computers started arriving at homes generally the boys were given access to it and girls wear thought to be incapable of using computers. This trend continued and it still believes that women are not so good at technology or coding. They should learn to code because it helps them develop confidence within themselves. It helps them explore new areas of learning. As technology is evolving every day, a career in technology can be of great success. We no longer live in a society where young girls think that they can’t do this. They don’t think that this is a role that women who ever get involved in. There are so many great opportunities, and we see many women entering the high tech space, whether it’s mechanical engineering, software engineering, computer security, etc. Parents should encourage robotics for coding classes for girls and should respect their inquisitiveness.