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Vocational training will help women to sharp their skills and educate herself because their are many girls and women are not educated due to society mentality towards women. From childhood onwards they are taught household chores and cooking. But if vocational training will get available for women than it will really help for such women to learn and they can also get job opportunities due to which they don’t have to depend on someone. Their are different types of vocational training like beauty, I.T., office administration, dressmaking, designing. By learning any of these in training and afterwards it will also provide you internship or placement based on work. In villages their are many girls who are interested and want to learn and do job but because of society thinking towards women they don’t support girls for education for that government should make arrangement of vocational training institute for such women so that they can atleast get chance to learn and earn money of their own hardwork due to which the cases of violence against women and they keep silent because they are depended on them. After this they will not get suffer more of violence against women. Because they will get more aware about their rights so that they can fight back with such situations. It will also improve their communication skills, technical skills, business skills which will help them in their future career opportunities. Women can contribute their time in this training which will make them to do hardwork. In this training they may also provide you self-defense sessions which will really help women to protect herself with every situation. Their should be campaign and organisation to arrange vocational training institute for women so they can also has support and belief in herself and start learning to be an independent and confident person.