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Justice is something that to trust on truth and give them fair treatment. In our society gender biased is major problems that create partiality between gender. This happen because of gender discrimination that they make comparisons between men and women and not treating them equally due to which it has become mindset of our society, especially men thinking is that they are meant to work and women are meant to be housewife. Society has created their own norms and tradition towards men and women like they had made such kind of image that lead to gender inequality due to which people start judging in their own way and put the justice with their point of view by keeping in mind of society created norms. And somewhere society mentality still not changed towards women like women should do household chores and take care of family and they are not allowed to do job, where has men are allowed to do job and don’t help their wife in household chores and looking after child. Due to which many women don’t get justice to do job after marriage and follow her goals. And if some women does the job they don’t get equal pay at workplace. Their are many cases of rape, sexual harassment and violence against women it all because society is supporting women they don’t even get justice for long period of time because of society mentality to not educate girls and what if women will educate, she will get to learn about her rights and can also learn self defense. But due to gender bias in our society women don’t even get support of their family. Society will make justice by knowing truth and supporting right things by not being gender bais towards women. And it will happen when society start seeing both men and women equally by treating them equally with their responsibility and opportunities.