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Vocational training is the training refers to the training that prepares learners for jobs based upon practical activities that are basically, non academic and totally related to a specific occupation.
Vocational courses prepare people to enter the working world, it provides people with better working skills and learning a vocational course helps people enhance their greatest interests and learn more skills which eventually help them build a better career.
Women learning vocational courses could really help them in attaining their own career, the skills they’ll learn would help them in building a career on their own. Many of the vocational courses help people in building their own business without having a job.
Since, in today’s era the number of jobs available are a lot less than the number of people seeking them, learning some vocational courses would help people, specially women in starting their career without waiting for a job. Also, vocational studies develop social competence among the people. Moreover, having a vocational skill that helps women motivate, help build self-confidence and self-esteem.