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Shumaila Siddiqui
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Mental illness, the minute we hear this we assume that the person is “mad ” or “crazy”, We have a habit of categorizing mental illness with our own perception without actually knowing the seriousness of the problem. Some even say that the person is a victim of evil spirits and has some black magic shadow.
It is still a taboo because nobody is ready to accept that this is disease and not a topic to make a fun of a person with mental illness. No matter how much money, luxury and loved ones are around you ,however one can still be depressed. It can only be treated with the proper therapy and the treatment required for the diagnosed mental illness . We shouldn’t be discovering the solution for a mental illness with our self, because we will end up destroying it more rather than making it normal. Some are affected with a mental illness due to the surrounding as well as the family members who radiate negative energy. However, our society will still not accept the fact that a family members arethe reason for the mental illness of the affected person, therefore they blame the ill person that you are not good enough to live with family. Furthermore, the actual issues starts arising from here. The person starts thinking negative about his or her own personality and the constant thought and voice inside our brain causes an interwoven web of thoughts which leads to a mental illness.
Mental disorders are not yet officially found the caused behind them as it can be genetics, social context, family problems ,stress , etc. It can lead to frustration, anger, hatred ,anxiety ,fear ,self-doubt as well as physical health is also retreated in every possible way.
Mental illness are growing in large number of people globally, and we need to take this seriously before the whole world is under the mental illness.
Being kind to each other and make people feel loved is the only solution we can do at first.
A healthier mental illness will enhance our physical health as well as the growth as a human.

More people are talking about it and fetching the taboo by sharing their own story to awaken the people before It’s too late.