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Talking about sex in a country like India is considered to be a taboo, wherein every person in the country should know about the life creating process called “sex”, it’s pros and cons, talking about it is considered to be a shame.
The major cause of unplanned pregnancies is the lack of sex education among the people. Most people among the country do not know about sex and the worst part is that they don’t want to know about it.
Sex education teaches you the usage of contraceptive methods while having sex which could prevent pregnancy, sex education is a must and should be taught to every human being upon this planet.
Moreover, talking about pregnancy, most women in the country do not plan their pregnancy, it is generally forced upon by the society. After marriage, a woman is forced to have a child even if she doesn’t want to have one. Unplanned pregnancy constitute a total of 45% of total pregnancies among the women. It is noted that most of these women do not plan their pregnancies, and get pregnant without their own choice.
Unplanned pregnancies are also considered to be a risky factor for a woman’s maternal health and can also cause perinatal depression in woman, stress,and lower level of psychological well-being and life satisfaction.
Abortion is a process that is led mostly because of the unplanned pregnancies in women, people tend to abort the child in case of unwanted pregnancy. People who go through are proposed with 3 choices;
1. Raise the child
2. Abortion
3. Adoption of the child
It’s better to learn about sex before having one which could prevent unwanted pregnancy to a large extent.