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Yash Tiwari
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Girls need to be empowered more for their self-defense. There is a rise in many rape cases every year in India that’s why they need to learn self-defense. In India, one case is published almost every 20 minutes. So they must learn self-defense to protect themselves from the uninvited attention of men. Women are harassed every day in the streets of India. No one has tried to find a solution for this. Some women got injured in rape, they have lost their life too many times. Women are unsafe from men even in public transport such as railroads and buses. The ministry of women and child development is planning to implement self-defense training into the girl’s education syllabus so that they learn self-defense at school itself.

A girl’s parents, teachers, and friends should encourage them to learn kickboxing and any other self-defense skills. They are going to be moms and daughters someday. They should be aware of the threats that all women face today. It is never the wrong thing to train yourself for self-defense. In the long run, this training is going to save your life. It could help you by the fight against any attacker who tries to rape or attack you. Women have been to date treated as vulnerable and weak humans. It is time for society to change and be much more tolerant towards women. They are equal and deserve the same treatment as men.

It is a sad fact that women are the weaker sex when compared to men. They are usually considered as the weaker gender by the criminals and that’s why they target women. Women need to be given equal rights and freedom for a healthy social life, opportunities for growth and development. I am not justifying the crimes but want to bring into notice the fact that women should have the right platform to awaken and highlight their inner power and utilize it whenever it is required. If we compare the male and female bodies, then there is no major difference between these two genders. Both may fall prey to deviant elements or sexual harassment. Thus all men and women deserve equal protection from society. Therefore self-defense for girls should be made compulsory so that they can protect themselves from any evil elements at any time.

Imagine an innocent girl in a public bus being molested by a man. She is surrounded by others and sitting in a corner. There is no one to help her. Everyone becomes mute spectators assuming it’s her fault to be in a lonely spot with the guy. This can be prevented if she is taught how to defend herself. The government should make self-defense training compulsory for girls in schools. It will help them to avoid eve-teasing and other harassment by bad elements. In foreign countries, they even have a separate coaching center for women, where they teach how to protect themselves from strangers. The girls in our country should also be given this type of training at least by the age of 16 or 18 so that they can protect themselves and their family members from any harm.