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Yash Tiwari
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Mobile phones and the Internet are helping women take control of their lives and make a difference in how they live. The most popular service is mobile banking, which has become crucial for poor women to send money home to families, make small purchases, and carry out other tasks that were once difficult because they had to go to markets controlled by men or needed a man’s permission. The coming of mobile made a huge difference in terms of how women were viewed in villages. It was difficult for men to stop women from going outside their houses as they were having handsets,” said Lata, who is an engineer with the Telecommunications department of the same district.

At the time women’s lives were revolutionized through different services and initiatives which enabled women to have greater connectivity. For example, in many ways, mobile phones have changed the lives of women by providing them opportunities to interact socially on a much larger scale. Today, with the advent of telemedicine in India, doctors can reach out to remote villages to reach out to million of women suffering from health issues.

History indicates that for most of the time, women were not allowed to work and earn for their families. But in the last few years, a lot of changes have happened in that environment. A lot of women enter into the workforce, they make money to run their household since their husbands are not working or they can’t get a job, they become entrepreneurs and own businesses. Technology has changed the lives of women for the past few years. Earlier women are not seen on spot and they used to stay at home even though they were educated and because of technology now we can see women working online, blogging, and supporting family too. Technology is a broad concept that has made life simpler. The status of women in India has improved with the advent of technology. Women are not only using tech for staying connected but are also making good money out of it.

In the age of the globalized, the development of digital technologies, and the expansion of internet access the fate of women’s lives all over the world has become linked together. Their work in the home and outside depends on one another and requires a larger study of connectivity between movements and the roles of mobile phone technology that is affecting their lives. Girls and women gain a tremendous amount of knowledge from consuming information online, but as Veena Das puts it it is ‘women who are shaped by the limits of increasing feminization of hunger’ (2006). It is important then to think about how women can not just consume content online but also produce their content.