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anshika agarwal
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Best female programmer in india
There is a gender gender gap in the technology field and especially in the field of programming. There are some female programmers in India which are working a lot in this field. Debjani Ghosh from Delhi is one such example. Presently, she is a President of NASSCOM. She is a strong advocate of gender diversity and equal representation in corporate India. Second one in the list is Geetha Kannan from Bengaluru. Currently, she is working as Managing director at India which is a not-for-profit that focuses on developing the careers of women in the field of technology. Ashni Dwarkadas from Mumbai is another such female programmer. She is a co-founder of Hackberry. Hackberry is basically a coding workshop for 5 to 15 year old children that teaches coding to them through various games and activities. Another female programmers is Deepa Madhavan from Chennai who is currently working as a Director of Enterprise Data Services in Paypal. She also champions initiatives like ‘Girls in Tech’ and ‘Unity’ a women’s affinity group at PayPal that helps women network, build leadership skills and find mentorship. Ashwini Asokan from Chennai is another such name. She is a founder and CEO at Mad Street Den which is an AI and computer vision company with teams in San Francisco and Chennai. She is focusing now on bringing AI out of the lab and into everyday life. Mad Street Den is one such firm where women employees comprise 58 per cent of the staff. Females should get inspired by such women and try out all available options and find what they love. They need to find where their passion lies and work on that. The day is not far away when women will have equality in the field of technology and programming.