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anshika agarwal
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Inspirational female leaders in the world
In today’s world women are working in every field. They are unstoppable and their power and influence is rising at high peak. A woman doesn’t need any title to be a leader. A true leader is that who really imapct the community and women around the world are doing that every day regardless of their job title or position. There are a lot of inspiring female leaders in the world. One such is Maria Eitel who is a founder and chair of the Nike Foundation and Girl Effect. She created the theory of The Girl Effect which is based on the idea that adolescent girls have a unique ability to stop poverty before it starts. Her work has helped millions of girls around the globe. Jacinda Ardern is another such name. She is the Prime Minister of New Zealand. She was the world’s youngest female head of state. She has given speeches with her daughter on her lap. Her femininity have helped her to lead causes like unity and social change. She has also taken quick and decisive action against gun violence. Another female in the list is Melanie Perkins who is the Co-Founder and CEO of Canva. She is one of the youngest female tech CEOs in the world and grew her company to $1 billion in just six years. Another inspirational women is Christine Lagarde. She is the President of European Central Bank. She has spent her entire career breaking stereotypes in banking. She was the first woman to serve as France’s finance minister, as managing director of the International Monetary Fund and now as president of the European Central Bank. She is a champion for gender inclusion and notes that although she has faced sexism throughout her career but she is breaking down barriers for future female leaders. These women are powerhouses in their fields and inspire not just their employees and the people around them but other women and the next generation of female leaders.