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Semantee Chattopadhyay
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The device from which you work does not care what gender you are. This is why you have to ensure your women have access to equal opportunities in this space, as technology is our ally in a fight for equality. When we see the percentage of women involved in technology we notice that the people creating our world are not representative of our world. This means that women are not invited to the paper in the creation of a new world and our opinions are not heard. We do see when we create some societal impact with technology with the use of apps, that can create a lot of independence and a lot of female entrepreneurship. Technology should be a building block for gender equality and should be having a better future for everyone. Girls need the freedom to experiment, learn and be creative. Half the world is women and companies spend millions of dollars to market to these women. Women are responsible for buying 70 to 80% of consumer products. So they should also be a part of these design teams. We need women working side by side with their male counterparts on product design, engineering, coding and testing so that the products that we use every day are safer and more inclusive. Women are severely underrepresented in the technology feels nationwide. Women need to be aware of these areas of technology. The world needs to increase their confidence to take up careers in these areas. They need motivation in a very different way than it is usually done. They should be encouraged to explore these areas. They have to be shown that people in history are there in these areas who can act as their role models. Coding is generally a problem-solving process that can encourage young girls to never give up.