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Semantee Chattopadhyay
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Working women in India where are among the worst affected by the covid-19 pandemic, according to a report titled ‘Women @ work’, published by Aspire For Her in partnership with Sustainable Advancements. The research showed that the gender-poverty gap has widened and due to the pandemic. The research also finds that self-employed women faced the bond of the pandemic and were among the worst hit. The worst affected were self-employed women as resources were scarce. Their priorities usually came after the child’s schoolwork or the husband’s office chores. They were a little down on the list and found it very difficult to work on their business plans. It has also been found that many women had to quit their jobs to manage housework. There has been an increase in domestic violence globally. Women have been subjected to the frustration and anger of their husbands and family members. The victims also didn’t have a place to go because of the lockdown. A study from the University of Sheffield found that the proportion of mothers responsible for most of a family child care increased from 27 % to 45% during the lockdown. As the global pandemic hit hospitals across the world have been forced to suspend non-emergency surgeries like abortions. India’s position in the global gender gap index in terms of economic participation is dropping every year. In 2020, India was fourth from the bottom in the list of 153 countries. There’s been a steady decline in the workforce participation rate of women since 2005. The pandemic hit a sharp low to this metric and India is now below 20% of workforce participation at an aggregated level for Women. The pandemic had treated women differentially. There was much more housework, responsibilities of child care and elder care and having to do everything work from home dictated, which took a toll on women.